Piano Lessons

All ages –Many styles
Unique lessons for Kids

Not just piano lessons but music appreciation and education

Philosophy: When studying music at a college level, one is required to attend classes in Harmony, Ear Training, Music History, and Live Performances (to name a few), in addition to lessons on one's instrument of choice. This knowledge makes the individual a better musician and thus I feel should be incorporated in lessons. Kids may want to learn to improvise or compose at an early stage in their studies or learn popular tunes in addition classical music. My lessons expose students to many musical styles and ideas along with the traditional piano methods. Whether learning J.S.Bach, Jazz or Boogie Woogie, lessons should be fun, educational and inspirational.

Lessons are taught on a 7’ Shigeru Kawai Concert Grand Piano (see photo)

Instrument of the week - younger students get to feel, touch and play a different instrument a week (such as trumpets, trombone, violin, didgeridoo, percussion instruments, woodwinds, etc.)

Lending Library - Many books and CDs are available for borrowing

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