Lenny's Bio

I come from a long line of musicians and musical characters.

My Grandmother and her two sisters, were the famous Wyatt sisters, dancers who performed the Vaudeville circuit and settled in their later years in a dancing Academy on Washington Street in San Francisco.

My first piano was their baby grand that at one time was painted bright pink and was used in the studio on Washington Street. By the time I got it, it was mahagony once again.

My early years were spent trying assorted instruments and playing in the trunks that held my Grandmother’s vaudeville costumes with my sister Tena. My father Stanford, was an accomplished violinist, and my mother warned my wife before we were married, “ I hope you like sheet music, because your house will be awash in it and there is no containing it.” My wife, who did not believe the statement at the time will now readily attest to the truth of this.

I studied music at San Francisco State University, The San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the Skyline Community College. I have played professionally for musicals, as an accompanist and soloist in many varied settings. During my college years I paid the rent as a high end street musician, always in the same spot on Union Square, playing classical guitar duets. We became such an institution that the local “girls” would hold our spot.

I came to the piano relatively late in musical time, starting my musical career as an an early music specialist in college playing classical guitar, recorders, and early instruments in a Collegium Musicum performance group. I also played trumpet in Big Band Jazz Band.

As recent owner of Baker Street Live (a Jazz Restaurant and Performing Arts Center in Nelson, BC) I headed the house band playing many styles of music nightly. I am just releasing my first Solo piano CD.

I have over 20 years teaching experience.

I live in an old craftsman house with great bones in the York district in Bellingham, Washington with my wife Bippy, a singer who knows all the verses to the Great American Songbook era tunes and my two cats Peanut and Lucy, both who enjoy laying under the piano and have more than the required number of cat toes. I have 2 sons who currently live in Canada.